Jurylid IDFA DocLab Award for Digital Storytelling

In november 2011 vormde ik samen met Rob McLaughlin (Editor-In-Chief en Deputy Publisher, Canada) en Ingrid Kopp (Shooting People, VS) de jury voor de Doclab Award for Digital Storytelling op het Internationale Documentaire Festival in Amsterdam.

Jury Report for Nominations

This project cleverly utilizes scanning technology, product databases and mobile devices and invites us to investigate what the things we purchase say about who we are and how we live our lives.

Beyond 9/1 by Kira Pollack
Marco Grob’s black & white photographs coupled with the intense and moving video testimony creates a simple yet powerful web mosaic.

Insitu by Antoine Viviani
With some subtle interactive features, Insitu artfully tells the story of artists, planners and philosophers attempts to breath creative life back into our cities.


Insitu – Director, Antoine Viviani
Cinematic, poetic and subtly interactive, Insitu explores the
way architects, artists, city planners, philosophers and artists intervene
in public space.

Both linear and non-linear, Insitu is a city poem that you can move through
and explore, interrogating efforts to breath life back into our cities and
shared public spaces.

The interactivity is surprising, playful and doesn’t distract from the
narrative experience and the production values are excellent across the
board, from the clear navigation and experience design to the video and
sound quality.

Insitu delivers both technically and creatively with a clear artistic vision
and demonstrates how new technologies in the hands of a filmmaker can be a
truly cinematic experience.

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